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Opera Night – St. Clare of Montefalco 90th Anniversary

Musician and educator Patricia Terry-Ross honored with $ 50,000 award

Tuesday Musicale of Detroit Performer Member and member of the board of directors Patricia Terry-Ross has been named the 2017 Kresge Eminent Artist.

As a harpist, vocalist and lifelong teacher, Terry-Ross’ virtuosity, passion and integrity have placed her center stage in Detroit’s unique legacies of performance and music education that span nearly a century.
Terry-Ross has been principal harpist at the Michigan Opera Theatre for 40 years – virtually its entire existence. She first performed with Michigan Opera Theatre in 1976, when the company was just five years old, and later became principal harpist.  Memorable shows include several with tenor Luciano Pavarotti, The Three Tenors (Placido Domingo, Jose Carreras, and Pavarotti), the opening of the Detroit Opera House in 1996, and the world premieres of Richard Danielpour and Toni Morrison’s opera “Margaret Garner” as well as “Cyrano,” composed by MOT’s Artistic Director David DiChiera, a 2013 Kresge Eminent Artist Award recipient.

Please see the Kresge announcement by clicking here; photos by Cybelle Codish.


Recent Announcements and Recognition


What a GREAT Artists of the Year Concert!

For those of us fortunate enough to have attended this year's Artists of the Year Concert, what a marvelous event!  More later, but many thanks to Tomoko and Yuki Mack, the Birmingham Unitarian Church, and all who made the concert a great success - including beautiful weather and very fine refreshments.  Also thanks to Perlman Insurance Agency for covering the admission for student attendees - and to the students who took advantage of this offer. 

More Accolades for Our Student League Members: Greg Turner!

It's hard to keep up with our Student League members and their many accomplishments.  We have just learned that Greg Turner won the piano division of the Dearborn Symphony Youth Artists Solo Competition this past weekend!  He performed the Tchaikovsky First Piano Concerto with the Dearborn Symphony on Friday, May 5th, 2017.








Heather Gu is Really Guuud: National Second Place!!

We have a little secret.  Student League member Heather Gu won a regional performance award earlier this year, but we suppressed our excitement to see what happened next.  

It is with great excitement that we announce to you that Heather was awarded Second Prize in the Music Teachers National Association (MTNA) piano performance competition in Baltimore over the March 18-20 weekend!  

Here is how it works: there are three tiers of competition, the state level, in which Heather came in first place in Michigan, then the regional level of the East Central division including Michigan, Illinois, Indiana, Ohio and Wisconsin, which she also won, then the national level competition.  Our Student League members are all exceptional musicians, but to realize that Heather has achieved this level of national distinction is truly wonderful.  Our most heartfelt congratulations to this outstanding young lady.  

Nice Publicity for the Mack Sisters Artists of the Year Concert

Please note the this Detroit Performs article with a very nice message about our April 2 concert from which the following image was retrieved:



Picture Norma Keil Shaw

President's Welcome

Welcome to the Tuesday Musicale of Detroit website, where I trust you will be able to find the information you are looking for. In the event that we have failed to provide the information you need, please do not hesitate to call us at 313-520-8663.

As the website indicates, Tuesday Musicale of Detroit has been promoting the live performance of classical and semi-classical music to a high standard for over 130 years. As we prepare our 2016-2017 concert season, I believe you will find our performances to be, in every respect, worthy of our great tradition. Please note that it is time to renew your membership, which may now be accomplished online by clicking into the "Membership" menu on the Home Page and scrolling down to "Pay Now."

We have three main categories of members: Performer members who perform in our regular monthly concerts and who generally audition to qualify for this classification; Associate members, who largely constitute the audience for our concerts; and Student League members who are outstandingly talented teenage musicians who meet monthly and perform in many of our concerts. Performer and Associate members pay an annual fee of $50.00, which entitles them to attend all our concerts free of charge, with the exception of our “Artist-of-the-Year” concerts for which all attendees pay a charge for admission.  Members who choose a membership category involving a payment of $ 100.00 or more are entitled to attend DVD Opera Presentations in Grosse Pointe Homes.

As the name implies, “Artist-of-the-Year” concerts are annual events. At these, we present a musician of national or international stature. Among the artists presented over the years have been violinist Fritz Kreisler, and pianists Jan Paderewski, Myra Hess and Peter Serkin. In 2015, internationally renowned pianist James Tocco, whom we presented at the Max Fisher Music Center next to Orchestra Hall, was added to this roster of distinguished musicians.

I hope you will enjoy browsing our website. If you wish to contact us for further information or to answer any questions you may have, you may do so either through the website or by calling us at 313-520-8663.

Come join us for our 2016-17 season of fine concerts.

Norma Keil Shaw

Get to Know Us

Welcome - About The Tuesday Musicale of Detroit:

In the year 1885, twelve women pianists met to form a club wherein they would have an opportunity to perform for one another in order to maintain their professional performance skills. Little did they know of the group's future and how it would sustain itself for over 130 years and that it would eventually come to be known as The Tuesday Musicale of Detroit. Today, The Tuesday Musicale of Detroit continues the legacy of the original founders by presenting the finest in professional concerts and contributing in various ways to the music community.

Student League - 2017-2018

The Student League was very active during the year, as reflected in the following commentary and gallery of photos from several members, with performers listed alphabetically.  Thanks to Student League Adviser Velda Kelly, to this year's wonderful cast of young musician members, and also to the parents and families who have graciously offered your homes for SL meetings.

Tuhin Chakraborty (Pianist): My experience with the Student League of Tuesday musicale has been truly wondrous over these past few years. I have had opportunities to play formally at actual concerts and learn from the best musicians in the area. This past year I really enjoyed playing for the TMD members and friends at the TMD Annual Meeting at the Grosse Pointe War Memorial. I especially like attending the interesting monthly meetings that the student league holds. I enjoy the speeches given by the speakers when they discuss their experience performing on the stage.

Alyssa Campbell is a violinist who will be attending the University of Michigan in the fall. She will be studying violin performance in the School of Music, Theater, and Dance and plans to make a career out of performing on the violin. She loves contemporary music and hopes that it will be a large aspect of her life in music.
William Lee (Age 15, Carnegie Hall Photo, Grand Prize Winner Concert Festival, December 2015): The Tuesday Musicale has empowered me to confidently soar in the direction of all my musical dreams! Each month we have the unique opportunity to perform in front of our peers to reach for the highest magnitude of artistry. For this I am truly thankful to Velda Kelly and my fellow student members.
Trinity Lee (7th grade, Carnegie Hall photo, Grand Prize Winner Concert Festival, 2016):  Thank you for having me as the youngest member of the piano student body this past season! I am excited for next year! The Tuesday Musicale Student League has provided me and many talented young musicians to reach their highest potential in their musical endeavors. My experiences have been enriched by dedicated students who have the highest standards of musical excellence. Led monthly by our director, Violinist Velda Kelly, we are truly fortunate to have such an honorable organization here in Metro Detroit.
Greg Turner: I enjoy the Student League mostly because of the opportunity to perform repertoire in progress in a comfortable environment. Performing for the group is always a great experience as you not only get to practice performing your pieces, but also get constructive feedback from your friends.
Matthew Yao is featured in our first video posting on the website, below, performing at our February 16, 2016, concert. 

Student League - 2017-2018

More Student League!  The response from our Student League members has been outstanding, and we are collecting a lovely set of images and quotations from their experience with our association.  A second gallery has been set up for any additional submissions - please contact Velda Kelly if you would like to be included.

Velda Kelly The center around whom our Student League stars orbit is advisor Velda Kelly.  She has become a trusted advisor and inspiration for our Student Leaguers.  Thank you, Velda!

Kathryn Jorgensen  "Student League has helped me make huge progress in my performance abilities. Six years with this group has helped me increase my playing ability, musical appreciation, and helped me control my fear of performing in front of people. I feel infinitely more prepared going into conservatory having participated. Being able to learn and grow with so many great young musicians was truly a privilege."


Our Student League, Continued

Please check out this video of Student League member Matthew Yao performing at our February 16, 2016, concert. Please click here to view.