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Mission, Bylaws & Resources

The Tuesday Musicale of Detroit is a 501 C (3) nonprofit corporation

Classically trained musicians (instrumentalists and singers) have gravitated to The Tuesday Musicale of Detroit for over a century. This music club presents concerts by auditioned performer members and outstandingly talented teenagers on a monthly basis throughout the Detroit metropolitan area.

The purposes of The Tuesday Musicale of Detroit are as follows:
To instruct and educate its members, and the public at large, in classical music and semi-classical music and in the musical arts, and to foster, stimulate, promote and enhance the interest of its members, the community and the public at large, in music and the musical arts, and their enjoyment and appreciation of live performance of classical and semi-classical music; to foster, sponsor, encourage, promote, give and stage concerts, recitals, lectures, exhibitions, productions, and presentations, dramatic, or otherwise, either public or private, which involve, concern, or make use of classical or semi-classical musical arts.

The Tuesday Musicale of Detroit was formed in 1885, and its first "Articles of Association" were  filed with the State of Michigan on October 30, 1895 as illustrated by the cover page image to the right. 

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