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Student League

Invitation for Gifted Young Musicians

Teenage musicians of high performance capability are invited to audition for membership in Tuesday Musicale’s Student League. Musicians belonging to the Student League appreciate the opportunity to meet monthly during the academic year with similarly gifted students. Meetings generally take place on Sunday evenings. Students also compete annually for prizes restricted to members of the League.

If you are the parent of a talented young musician who would like to associate with other young, talented musicians, this is the place for your son or daughter.

Benefits of Student League Membership:

Student League members get to meet equally talented teenage musicians. Monthly meetings give members the opportunity to perform with and for each other. Professional musicians are often invited to these meetings to counsel members on developing as professional musicians.

Prizes ranging up to $1,000 are offered in various instrumental and voice categories, with competitions for these prizes held in the spring of each year, with winners performing in a Prizewinners concert in April or May. Selected students also perform in the regular Tuesday Musicale regular concerts, giving them experience performing for discerning audiences.

Dues for Student League membership for the concert year are nominally $35.

For Student League renewals, please contact Student League Advisor Velda Kelly.


Tel. 248-474-8930

Please download the Student League application by clicking the link below.

Return completed application to

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Student League Competition

Requirements and Eligibility



In order to be eligible to compete in the Student League Competition, S.L. members must attend more than 50% of the scheduled meetings during the program year through the deadline date for submission of a competition application form.

1. Instrumentalists

Two compositions to be performed:
     a. One from the baroque or classical period up to and including Beethoven
     b. One from the romantic or modern repertoire

Instrumentalists will be expected to perform no less than 10 minutes and no more than 15 minutes.


2. Singers

Two or more compositions to be performed:
     a. At least one from the baroque or classical period up to and including Beethoven
     b. At least one from the romantic or modern repertoire

Singers will be expected to perform no less than 4 minutes and no more than 15 minutes.


3. No concerti for pianists


4. Contestants must perform all selections from memory.


5. Contestants are expected to provide their own accompanists.


6. Contestants must arrange to have three copies of the pieces to be performed available for the use of the judges.


7. The judges may, if they wish, make cuts during the contestant’s performance.


8. All contestants must be available to perform on the Prize Winners Concert in the event that they win a prize in this competition.



1. The winner must demonstrate, in the opinion of the judges, a high degree of musical ability.


2. If the judges decide that no candidate so qualifies, no award will be given this year.

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