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Letter from the President

Dear Members of Tuesday Musicale:

There’s an old saying: “Well begun is half done”. That saying comes to mind as we look at where Tuesday Musicale stands in relation to the upcoming concert year. The year got off to a splendid start with the President’s Reception, Concert and Lunch on September 19. Highlights of that concert were Nikolas Simon, a young virtuoso violinist who performed a movement from Erich Korngold’s Violin Concerto in D Major, and tenor Leo Williams from the Detroit Opera’s Resident Artists Program who blew us away with his performance of several operatic arias.

The other great start to the year was the publication of a fourfold detailing concerts for the entire concert year. For that we mainly have three people to thank: Bonnie Brooks for having led the Concert Program Committee that lined up the artists, Kyle Peterson for securing the locations, and Norma Keil Shaw for having got the fourfold designed and printed. What a great contribution to the new year!

Another program that’s off to a great start is the Student League Program under the wise guidance of Velda Kelly. This program comprises about 25 outstandingly talented teenage musicians who meet once per month to socialize, perform for each other and receive advice from a seasoned musician about some aspect of the life of the professional musician. On September 10, they were given tips on how to go about learning a new piece of music by pianist Mary Siciliano. We are also scheduling in a performance by a member of the Student League for almost all of our regular upcoming concerts.

What we haven’t been able to organize is attendance at the concerts. That’s up to you! So, please come and bring your friends. Our next concert will be October 10 at 7:00 p.m., slightly earlier than our usual starting time, at Grosse Pointe Unitarian Church, 17150 Maumee in Grosse Pointe, when a highlight of the program will be the twelve-year-old piano phenom, Ethan Mihaescu. I look forward to seeing you there.

Eric Winter


Christmas Concert and Luncheon - Noel de nouveau
Christmas Concert and Luncheon - Noel de nouveau
Dec 12, 10:30 AM
Lutheran Church of the Redeemer

The Tuesday Musicale of Detroit


In the year 1885, twelve women pianists met to form a club wherein they would have an opportunity to perform for one another in order to maintain their professional performance skills. Little did they know of the group's future and how it would sustain itself for 137 years to date and that it would eventually come to be known as The Tuesday Musicale of Detroit. Today, The Tuesday Musicale of Detroit continues the legacy of the original founders by presenting the finest in professional concerts and contributing in various ways to the music community.

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