Student League Membership


The Tuesday Musicale of Detroit is excited to announce auditions for Student League! This program for gifted young musicians has long been an extremely important facet of this organization. Over the years many talented students have benefited from its terrific opportunities and have gone on to highly successful musical careers.

We’re looking for gifted young people with a serious interest and strong background in music who would like to be a part of this program. We will be accepting singers ages 14-19 and instrumentalists ages 12-18.

  • There will be monthly meetings at which the students will perform for and with one another, and participate in seminars on a range of topics relevant to today’s aspiring young musician.
  • In keeping with Student League’s long-standing tradition, excellent competition and award opportunities will also be available to members of the group.
  • In addition, we plan to hold master classes and offer group discounts to professional performances around town.
  • The monthly meetings will be held on Sunday evenings in rotating locations in the Detroit – Ann Arbor metropolitan area.
  • The annual membership fee is only $25!

Please print and fill out the application form listed below. Feel free to make copies of it and distribute it to others you think might be qualified and interested. Email me at or call 248 474-8930 if you have any questions or comments.


Velda Kelly, advisor

Student League of The Tuesday Musicale of Detroit