Performer Members

This page lists the Performer Members of the Tuesday Musicale of Detroit, all of whom have been accepted into the organization following an audition or invitation process that ascertains that each member accepted has exhibited a high level of musical performance.  Performer Members are listed by name on the left below, along with further information if available, and on the right the Performer Members are listed by performance specialization.

The Tuesday Musicale of Detroit if also most pleased to count among our Performer Members the following Honorary Members:

Leonard Slatkin Dr. David DiChiera Dr. Huw Lewis Wayne S. Brown James Tatum

Listing by Last Name (with Website)

(** Private Students Accepted)

Performer Member Name Performance Specialization
Baker, Donald Oboe
Barefield, Spencer Guitar, Jazz
Baxtresser, William Trumpet
Behnan, Mary Piano, Solo
Bielitz, Gerda Violin
Biery, James Organ
Brennan, Ruth Choral
Brooks, Bonnie L. ** Soprano
Brown, Roberta Oboe
Bryce, Michael Guitar, Classical
Carter, Dennis II Flute
Coloma, Roy A. Piano
Conrad, Nathalie Piano
Conway, Robert Piano, Solo
Dean, Lillian Clarinet
Deleury, Nadine Cello
Deller, Joseph Violin
DiChiera, David Composer
Dolan, Carole Piano, Solo
Dragone, Christina Piano, Solo
Draughn, Maurice Harp
Dritsan, Suzanne Choral
Duensing, Dorothy Mezzo-Soprano
Ellison, Alice Piano
Erickson, Lauren (website) Flute
Ewing, Mary Sue Soprano
Gardner, Mark Baritone
Gilbert, Johanna Contralto
Greer, James W. Viola
Greer, James W. Violin
Grobe, Dalos Organ
Haggard, Joan C. Organ
Haidostian, Alice Berberian Piano, Solo
Haltom, Victoria Violin
Hanoian, Scott (website) Conductor
Happel, Rebecca Piano
Harding, Anne Choral
Holmes, Mary Piano, Solo
Horn, Noah Tenor
Hoxie, Sally Soprano
Ignasiak, Dorothy Soprano
Jenkins, Theresa (Terri) Clarinet
Johnson, Margaret Choral
Kan, Juliana Piano, Solo
Karoub, Carl French Horn
Kelly, Velda Violin
Kerwin, Helen Piano, Solo
Kee, Brenda Piano, Solo
Kramer, Joanne Boraks Piano
Larson, Laura Flute
Lenz, Sue Ann Piano, Solo
Lewis, Dr. Huw Organ
Lin, Shu Yu Piano
MacIntosh, Barbara Wells Piano
MacRae, Ruth Organ
Madison, John Viola
Marszalkowski, Michele Soprano
Martin, Pauline Piano, Solo
McGillivray, Michael Viola
McKeever, Patricia Choral
Meehan, Linda Soprano
Meirelles Jones, Maria Piano, Solo
Mihaescu, Dan (website) Baritone
Moshchuk, Ivan Piano, Solo
Mucciante, Ida D. Piano
Muench, Shirley Piano, Solo
Munch, Diana Harpsichord
Munch, Linda L. Soprano
Myers, Robin D. Flute
Nicolia, Timothy Cello
Nimmons, Earnestine Soprano
Nofar-Kelly, Stephanie Harpsichord
  Piano, Solo
Nofar-Kelly, Stephanie Organ
Ohtani, Hiroko Piano, Solo
Palazzolo, Joseph ** Composer
Palermino, Beverly Choral
Pardee, Mary G, Soprano
Perrone, Rev. Eduard Piano
Petrak, Laura Burris Soprano
Pilette, Mary Ann Choral
Plommer, Evan Lute
Popoff-Parks, Linette A Piano
Quick, Mary Levack Piano, Solo
Ranus, Kathleen Piano
Reed, Robert Cello
Reger, Judith Soprano
Rottenberg, Helene (website) Guitar, Classical
Rouse-Freitag, Shelley Flute
Schoenfeld, Franziska I., D.D.S. Piano
Schreiner, David P. Bassoon
Schwartz, Geraldine Composer
Shaw, Norma Keil Clarinet
Sherwin, Catherine Flute
Shover, Virginia Piano, Solo
Siciliano, Julia Piano, Solo
Siciliano, Mary Piano, Solo
Slatkin, Leonard Conductor
Slimko, Jack Choral
Slomka, Pamela Piano
Smith, Kelly Piano
Speck, Anna Soprano
Starkman, Sylvia Oboe
Swan, Kimberly Soprano
Terry-Ross, Patricia Harp
Theis, Angela Soprano
Tucker, Pamela Piano
Vander Weg, Judith Cello
Watson, Mark Baritone
Weinle, Donna Choral
White, Karin Soprano
Wingert, Karen Cello
Winter, Dina Soresi Soprano
Witucki, Susan ** Piano, Solo
Woolf, Barbara M. Piano, Solo
Zachary, Aliki Piano
Zeitz, Maxine Piano, Solo
Zenzen, Eugene Cello
Zhao, Dizhou Piano, Solo

Listing by Performance Specialization

(** Private Students Accepted)

Performance Specialization
Performer Member Name
Baritone Gardner, Mark
  Mihaescu, Dan
  Watson, Mark
Bassoon Schreiner, David P.
Cello Deleury, Nadine
  Nicolia, Timothy
  Reed, Robert
  Vander Weg, Judith
  Wingert, Karen
  Zenzen, Eugene
Choral Brennan, Ruth
  Dritsan, Suzanne
  Harding, Anne
  Johnson, Margaret
  McKeever, Patricia
  Palermino, Beverly
  Pilette, Mary Ann
  Slimko, Jack
  Weinle, Donna
Clarinet Dean, Lillian
  Jenkins, Theresa (Terri)
  Shaw, Norma Keil
Composer DiChiera, David
  Palazzolo, Joseph
  Schwartz, Geraldine
Conductor Hanoian, Scott
  Palazzolo, Joseph
  Slatkin, Leonard
Contralto Gilbert, Johanna
Flute Carter, Dennis II
  Erickson, Lauren
  Larson, Laura
  Myers, Robin D.
  Rouse-Freitag, Shelley
  Sherwin, Catherine
French Horn Karoub, Carl
Guitar, Classical Bryce, Michael
  Rottenberg, Helene
Guitar, Jazz Barefield, Spencer
Harp Draughn, Maurice
  Terry-Ross, Patricia
Harpsichord Munch, Diana
  Nofar-Kelly, Stephanie
Lute Plommer, Evan
Mezzo-Soprano Duensing, Dorothy
Oboe Baker, Donald
  Brown, Roberta
  Starkman, Sylvia
Organ Biery, James
  Grobe, Dalos
  Haggard, Joan C.
  Hanoian, Scott
  Lewis, Dr. Huw
  MacRae, Ruth
  Nofar-Kelly, Stephanie
  Palazzolo, Joseph
Piano Coloma, Roy A.
  Conrad, Nathalie
  Ellison, Alice
  Happel, Rebecca
  Kramer, Joanne Boraks
  Lin, Shu Yu
  MacIntosh, Barbara Wells
  Mucciante, Ida D.
  Munch, Diana
  Perrone, Rev. Eduard
  Ranus, Kathleen
  Schoenfeld, Franziska I., D.D.S.
  Slomka, Pamela
  Smith, Kelly
  Tucker, Pamela
  Zachary, Aliki
Piano, Solo Behnan, Mary
  Conway, Robert
  Dolan, Carole
  Dragone, Christina
  Haidostian, Alice Berberian
  Holmes, Mary
  Kan, Juliana
  Kerwin, Helen
  Kee, Brenda
  Lenz, Sue Ann
  Martin, Pauline
  Meirelles Jones, Maria
  Moshchuk, Ivan
  Muench, Shirley
  Nofar-Kelly, Stephanie
  Ohtani, Hiroko
  Quick, Mary Levack
  Shover, Virginia
  Siciliano, Julia
  Siciliano, Mary
  Witucki, Susan **
  Woolf, Barbara M.
  Zeitz, Maxine
  Zhao, Dizhou
Recorder Jenkins, Theresa (Terri)
Soprano Brooks, Bonnie L. **
  Ewing, Mary Sue
  Hoxie, Sally
  Ignasiak, Dorothy
  Kan, Juliana
  Marszalkowski, Michele
  Meehan, Linda
  Munch, Linda L.
  Nimmons, Earnestine
  Pardee, Mary G,
  Petrak, Laura Burris
  Reger, Judith
  Speck, Anna
  Swan, Kimberly
  Theis, Angela
  White, Karin
  Winter, Dina Soresi
Tenor Horn, Noah
Trumpet Baxtresser, William
Viola Greer, James W.
  Madison, John
  McGillivray, Michael
Violin Behrends, Rebecca
  Bielitz, Gerda
  Deller, Joseph
  Greer, James W.
  Haltom, Victoria
  Kelly, Velda
  McGillivray, Michael

Profiles of Our Performer Members

Bonnie L. Brooks, Soprano

Bonnie L. Brooks is a classically trained, professional soloist. Her career focus has been as a soloist with opera companies, symphonies, churches, temples and in recitals. Recently Bonnie has enjoyed singing the role of Anna in The King and I, the solos in Elijah, and solos with The Birmingham Concert Band. She continues to sing at many area churches, esp. Lutheran Church of the Redeemer, St. James Episcopal and Christ Church Cranbrook. Bonnie also sings with The Detroit Concert Choir and Opera Lite.  Bonnie’s  career has her traveling from Ohio to Michigan frequently, but she has also sung in New York, Washington, D.C., Florida, California, Texas, Australia, Mexico, Spain, Austria, Ireland and Canada.

Bonnie is an active member in 5 music clubs; 2 in Ohio (Tuesday Musical of Akron and Friends of Music) and 3 in Michigan (The Birmingham Musicale, Tuesday Musicale of Detroit and The Little Musicale). In her spare time Bonnie teaches private voice lessons, is an avid movie goer and exercise enthusiast.

You may reach Bonnie at

Nadine Deleury, Cello

Perf_NadineDeleuryNadine is principal cellist with the Michigan Opera Theatre orchestra and co-artistic director of Chamber Music at the Scarab Club.

Nadine was born in the north of France. She first studied the cello at the school of music of her native city of Arras before entering the Paris Conservatory. There she studied with André Navarra, and later, with Aldo Parisot, at Yale University. She and her husband, DSO cellist Haden McKay, moved to Detroit in 1983. Nadine became principal cellist of the Michigan Opera Theatre orchestra in 1985.
In 1998, she and Tuesday Musicale's member Velda Kelly founded Chamber Music at the Scarab Club.
Nadine is also the instructor at Oakland University and its Preparatory Division Program.
For the Tuesday Musicale of Detroit, Nadine has arranged for several years the "Nadine's Potpourri" concerts, which are a special treat.
You may reach Nadine at

Lauren Erickson, Flute

Lauren is founder and owner of her flute company Erickson Flute & Ensemble LLC (, and has been a professional flautist for 25 years.  She has performed as a featured soloist and in ensembles, including professionally in the Dearborn Symphony, Ann Arbor Concert Band, Schoolcraft Wind Ensemble, Michigan Flute Orchestra, and with the Black Orchid Jazz Quartet.  She currently performs with local harpists and many other area professional musicians doing concerts, weddings and corporate events.   In addition to performing, Lauren enjoys teaching private flute lessons in her home studio.

Lauren has also been dedicated to the promotion of music appreciation among her local community through various fraternal and national organizations.  These include the National Flute Association, Farmington Musicale, Sigma Alpha Iota-Professional Women’s Music Fraternity, Tuesday Musicale of Detroit and SEMFA (Southeast Michigan Flute Association) of which she is a founding member.  She has served in committee chair capacities, as master of ceremonies and as performer of music throughout the Metro-Detroit area with all of these organizations.  She actively performs in her own church functions at Plymouth First United Methodist and has been a guest performer at many other churches in southeast Detroit.  Lauren resides in Plymouth with her husband and two daughters.

Scott Hanoian, Organ, Conductor


Scott is active as an organist, accompanist, continuo artist, conductor, choral adjudicator, and guest clinician. As the Director of Music and Organist at Christ Church Grosse Pointe, he directs the church’s Choir of Men and Boys, Choir of Men and Girls, the Christ Church Schola, the Christ Church Chorale, and oversees the yearly concert series. Mr. Hanoian is also the Music Director of the Oakland Choral Society, and has recently accepted the position of conductor for the UMS Choral Union in Ann Arbor.
As a conductor and organist, Scott has performed concerts throughout the United States and Europe. Before moving to Grosse Pointe, Scott was the Assistant Organist and Assistant Director of Music at Washington National Cathedral where he played the organ for many services including the state funerals for Presidents Ronald Reagan and Gerald Ford.
Scott completed graduate studies at the University of Michigan, having received degrees in choral conducting, organ performance and church music. He has recorded the complete organ works of Johannes Brahms for the JAV label. More information about Scott can be found at

Noah Horn, Conductor

Perf_NoahHornNoah directs the choral program at Wayne State University, where he conducts three choirs, supervises the master's program in choral conducting, and teaches aural skills. He also serves as artistic director of Oakland Choral Society, and of Audivi, a professional chamber vocal ensemble with an extensive repertory. On weekends he directs the music program at Grosse Pointe Woods Presbyterian Church.
Noah holds degrees in conducting and organ from Yale University and Oberlin College. In the past he has served as interim Director of Choral Activities at Western Michigan University, artistic director of The Madison Chorale, conductor of the Wesleyan University Orchestra, and director of  the professional choirs at Christ Church, New Haven. As a professional tenor, he has sung with Conspirare, Yale Choral Artists, Yale Schola Cantorum, sounding light, and several other nationally-recruited ensembles, with whom he has recorded albums for Naxos and Delos.
As an organist he has given recitals across the US and in Germany. In 2014–15 his compositions received several premieres in Michigan and Illinois. Venturing over to reality television, he appeared in the final rounds of America’s Got Talent 2013 with 3 Penny Chorus and Orchestra.
Noah hails from Davenport, Iowa, and resides in Ann Arbor.

Dan Mihaescu, Baritone

Board_Dan MihaescuBorn of Brazilian and Romanian immigrants, Dan Mihaescu was recognized for his vocal talents as early as age nine. He was frequently selected for public performances and encouraged to formally develop his natural abilities. Prior to beginning any training, he received praise from faculty at Lawrence University and scholarships from the Royal Oak Musicale. Mihaescu attended the University of Michigan School of Music as well as the College of Literature, Science and the Arts. He graduated with two bachelor degrees in 1997. It was in Ann Arbor that he began his two decade long relationship with Dr. Willis Patterson to develop his vocal technique. While his voice began as a lyric tenor, he is now a dramatic baritone. His repertoire spans the light and lyric chansons of Faure to the powerful arias of Verdi. His dedication to mastering vocal technique has given Mihaescu a broad palette from which to create natural and effortless melodies for his admirers. Although his voice and technical training could allow Mihaescu to perform internationally, his fifteen year career as a financial advisor with Ameriprise Financial, Inc. keeps him in Michigan. He also values the time he can spend with his lovely wife and son. More information about Dan Mihaescu can be found on his Facebook Page and at

Joseph Palazzolo, Composer, Conductor, Organ, Piano

Joseph PalazzoloJoseph Palazzolo studied piano from first grade through college, winning awards in competition and superior ratings in audition.  He appears in concert as solo pianist, organist, and lecturer throughout southeast Michigan.  Palazzolo studied piano under Flavio Varani at Oakland University, where he holds his BA in Piano Performance and also studied conducting, organ and voice. Joseph has appeared as soloist with local symphony orchestras.  He has been music director for Grosse Pointe Unitarian Church since 2002, where he also teaches piano as well as in his home studio in Ferndale. His students consistently earn high ratings and awards.
He has been music director of the Grosse Pointe Community Chorus since 2009 and was the music director of the Troy Community Chorus from 1993-1998.  He has extensive experience in liturgical music as well as musical theatre, both onstage and in the pit. He was pianist for the 1993 production of the shows “Forbidden Broadway” and “I Love You, You’re Perfect, Now Change” at the Gem Theatre, downtown Detroit.   Mr. Palazzolo is also a composer and arranger whose string quartet “Sweet Home” was commissioned in 2012 and performed for Chamber Music at the Scarab Club and Tuesday Musicale.   Palazzolo is currently chairman of the Birmingham Center of the Michigan Federation of Music Clubs. He is a member of the MFMC, The American Guild of Music, The American Guild of Organists, and the Tuesday Musicale of Detroit.

Helene Rottenberg, Classical Guitar

Perf_Helene_RottenbergHelene is a Professor of Music at Madonna University in Livonia, MI, and also taught classical guitar at Herb David Guitar Studio in Ann Arbor, MI for 39 years. She has played as a featured performer in chamber music concerts at the “Festival of the Lakes” in Alexandria, Minnesota, and has appeared on Minnesota Public Radio. She performs often as a soloist and also enjoys playing in various ensembles. For the last few years she has been on the faculty of the Adult Classical Guitar Workshop at the Interlochen Music Camp and also has judged the International Youth Competition and given workshops at the Guitar Foundation of America (GFA) Convention. She is currently serving on the board of the GFA.  More information about Helene can be found at